HydroBeadz come in 3 different sizes - small, regular and large.

The small size beads grow to approximately 7mm in diameter, and they tend to be quite firm. This firmness makes them a good choice for play, as they are more resistant to breaking apart. However, 7mm is very small and children may have difficulty handling them.

The regular beads grow to around 10mm in size (between 9 and 11mm), and they tend to be moderately firm. They will break apart more easily when compared to small beads. However, their larger size makes them easier to handle. We recommend the regular size for play (it is also the size that most customers choose).

The large beads grow between 12 and 16mm in size, and are more susceptible to breaking apart when compared to both the small and regular beads. They are best suited as decorations, but can also be used for play so long as children are not too rough with them.

All sizes are safe for ages 4 and above. Hydrobeadz don't grow any larger than 16mm, which means they can safely pass through the digestive tract of children. Children younger than 4 should not play with HydroBeadz.