Yes, and no. HydroBeadz are made from the same material (a superabsorbent gel polymer), however, we think our HydroBeadz are better.

HydroBeadz come in 14 different colours and three different sizes, whilst Orbeez only come in a few colours and one size. Our regular sized beads are approximately the same size as Orbeez beads (and we also retail a smaller size and a larger size).

Just like Orbeez, our beads are non-toxic.

The best bit is the price. HydroBeadz are far more affordable at only $10 or so per 85 gram packet. This is compared to Orbeez that are... well, considerably more expensive! How much so varies as Orbeez have trended towards only selling hydrated beads (which we think takes the fun out of growing them!). You should expect to be paying around ten times as much for the same quantity of beads though.